MBM is a privately held, multidisciplinary investment company based in Dubai UAE
We invest in a broad spectrum of mid-market investment opportunities to mitigate idiosyncratic risk and maintain a healthy, diversified portfolio

Culture & Core Values

MBM believes in open, transparent and diversified culture that instigates integrity, diversity and creativity. We partner with companies that have the cultural fit, share the same objectives and have high sense of ownership. MBM lives by a set of core values that are ingrained in every aspect of the organization and make up the fabric of our culture.

Status quo is not in the DNA of MBM. We continuously improve our processes and systems to be smarter, more efficient and more productive. We tolerate risk and failure, and encourage our staff to consider new investment opportunities that are different and unique.

We encourage our staff to work smarter – not harder. Working towards big goals and “thinking big” require passionate people who are consistently enthusiastic, persistent and competitive in their approach. The passion instilled in us creates tenacity to pursue excellence.

We are empowered by strong governance and accountability. We believe that strong financial control systems, transparency and leading by example are essential to gain trust among stakeholders and lead to sustainable growth.

Diversity is pivotal for our operations and culture. We take the pride of being diversified and work within an inclusive work space. Our people are our biggest asset who are coming from various regions, cultural background and nationalities. We get the best out of our differences and professional experiences, and we believe that through diversity and tolerance we can drive value and outperform.


Value Investments

We invest in companies and investment opportunities where the initial market value is less than the intrinsic value.

Capital Growth Investments

Such investments that require semi-permanent capital base where the expected investment horizon is above five to six years.

Income Generating Investments

We invest in income generating securities to guarantee a minimum annual dividend payment to shareholders. Proceeds from this asset class model will set aside in a reserve fund to mitigate other investments that did not meet the threshold. The strategic objectives of MBM are the cementing pillars that reinforce our organization and encourage unity.

You Are in Safe Hands

MBM is located in the heart of Dubai at Al Manara Street, Jumeirah, find below images of our offices.

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